Date: 30-31/10/21


Department (or country): 2520 Belgium

City: Ranst

Exact location: Ranst

Program: A unique experience, a personal challenge: the Belgian 500Miles "The Original", with '500Miles Copy-Pasted' in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and equivalents in France (999) & Belgium (666, Big5...). "A Hell of a Day in Paradise". And you? Will you be there this time? Try it is to adopt it... Our 500 Miles is an individual touristic tour you ride with the help of a road book and on which you have to stop at several check points. For the smart asses amongst us who don't want to follow the route we set out, the location of several check points are kept secret. The pins and the 5th completed pins will be handed out at arrival and immediately after checking your road book. Not following the route, missing check points or arriving at the check point after it has been closed will result in disqualification and of course there will be no pin rewarded! The road book is set up in such a way that you will find the route signs written in the road book along the route. If you follow the road book closely you can not lose the way. We do advise you though to bring road maps from the border countries. An organization Antwerp Diamond Port Chapter.



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